In Axios: Brian Ellner Joins One Strategy Group

Axios broke the news this week that Brian Ellner has joined One Strategy Group as our new president.

As Axios Communicators author Eleanor Hawkins explained, "the agency landscape is shifting as larger PR conglomerates endure economic constraints, which have led to multiple rounds of layoffs across the industry. This has created more opportunity for smaller strategic communications firms to scoop up top talent and new business opportunities."

Speaking with Axios about the news, One Strategy Group CEO David Meadvin said, "There's a new generation of c-suite leaders and heads of communications looking for genuine thought partners to help them navigate through uncertainty."

"We're fortunate for the opportunity to bring on world-class talent like Brian, who has extensive experience managing the connected worlds of media, communications, politics, and government," he added.

And most importantly, the needs of business leaders are changing, requiring fresh strategies and approaches.

"Leaders are facing an ongoing, unique set of challenges — being asked to weigh in on everything from a global health crisis, to climate change, reproductive freedoms, social justice issues, and as of late, war. These are very complicated issues that require smart, experienced strategic communication counsel," Ellner told Axios.

From his front row seat in leadership roles at Edelman, BCW and WPP, Ellner has seen firsthand how the landscape is changing.

"This gives me the opportunity, with all I know about the industry and clients, to start from a blank page and reimagine everything from how we deliver for clients, to who and how we hire and the overall the employee experience," he told Axios.