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The dinner party
If you were hosting a dinner and wanted to invite the most creative, curious, fun group, who would be on your guest list?
We think about this question every day.

We are a team of extraordinarily talented people who believe that we’re stronger when we work collaboratively, challenging each other to be our best. We constantly analyze, dig deep, question assumptions, and move fast.

We also know that diversity of thought, background, and perspective is essential to what we do. A diverse team helps us avoid groupthink, consider more angles, and build resilience.

Our “dinner party” model applies to how we work with our clients. We are highly results-oriented, we’re not afraid to challenge assumptions, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are unpretentious, low-drama, and we love doing what we do.
We believe in building community, which is why we host periodic dinner parties in cities around the world. These intimate, off-the-record gatherings bring together the kind of diverse, creative, and eclectic thinkers that always lead to an evening of discovery and connection.