In Axios: One Strategy and the Rise of Challengers

Photo by Nemesia Production on Unsplash.

One Strategy Group was featured in Axios today in an article discussing the rise of challenger firms disrupting the communications business model. These firms often consist of top communicators who are increasingly leaving more established agencies to launch independent advisory firms.

As recent reports show, the PR industry has been dealing with volatile economic conditions, decreasing client budgets and rising talent costs. Additionally, the rise in artificial intelligence adoption will continue to spur evolution in how PR firms work across the industry, and empower smaller firms to be more efficient with smaller teams.

Axios Communicators author Eleanor Hawkins explained, “Leaders of challenger firms argue they can solve these concerns by attracting talent who crave ambitious projects and remote work models, and clients with high demands but shrinking budgets.”

Speaking with Axios, One Strategy Group President Brian Ellner said, "Firms will need to serve as trusted, strategic advisors who can guide the new generation of C-suite leaders. The C-suite is getting younger and more diverse, and companies are facing more pressure from more sides. Our team is embedded in the C-suite and all of our communications work is driven by strategy — we are not replicating the model of pushing work down to junior associates."

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