One Strategy Group Named "2024 Up and Comer Firm" by PRWeek

We’re thrilled to announce that One Strategy Group has been named a "2024 Up and Comer Firm" by PRWeek as part of their annual Agency Business report. This prestigious award recognizes our firm's innovative approach, strategic thinking, and commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

We launched the firm at the very end of 2022 based on our observation that coming out of Covid, next generation leaders needed a new type of advisory and communications firm, one that is embedded in the C-Suite, built on distinguished senior talent, and able to move fast and creatively to seize opportunities and navigate challenges.

Since our launch, we’ve built a dream team of senior strategists, adhering to our belief in Gladwell’s “10,000 hours rule.” We believe you have to be in the room, navigating complexity, learning the pattern recognition of leadership decision making, to be a true strategic counselor.

Our CEO, David Meadvin, emphasized the importance of talent in our industry, stating, “As we grow, my focus is on that very aggressive investment back into talent." He added that we’re building an extremely curated team, recognized as best-in-class.

The PRWeek profile highlighted our strong growth, including our acquisition this year of Liz Stein Consulting, a highly respected boutique communications firm based in Washington, DC, to bolster our core team and capabilities.

This year, we’re focused on bulking up our digital capabilities and continuing to build out our world-class content team. We’re also continuing our future-forward working group on AI, led by Terri Burns and Justine Adelizzi.

The most important focus as we grow? Scaling while maintaining our position as the “special ops” team. We are excited to continue our momentum and bring in even more talented professionals to join our team.

Thank you to PRWeek for this recognition, and to our clients and team members for their ongoing support. We are honored to be profiled alongside a really remarkable cadre of firms.

Read the full profile on PRWeek here.