OSG AI Working Group in Fast Company: Where we are and what's next

Adobe Stock / Kiattisak

We launched the One Strategy Group AI working group, led by tech leader Terri Burns and executive communications expert Justine Adelizzi, to dig deeper into the state of AI in corporate communications. This group is dedicated to exploring the latest advancements in AI technology and identifying opportunities for our clients to leverage these tools to enhance their communications strategies.

In a recent op-ed for Fast Company, our CEO David Meadvin summarizes some of the key findings and insights from this working group. He explores the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in corporate communications, highlighting its potential to enhance and streamline processes, but also acknowledging the limitations and uncertainties that come with this rapidly evolving technology. He emphasizes the importance of experimentation, skill-building, and collaboration in harnessing the power of AI to elevate communications strategies.

The op-ed also delves into the potential applications of AI in corporate communications, from predictive analytics to content generation, and explores the ethical considerations that come with these innovations. Meadvin argues that AI is not a replacement for human judgment and creativity but rather a tool to augment and enhance our work.

Read the full op-ed here.

We're committed to staying at the forefront of communications innovation and exploring the possibilities of AI in our work. By embracing this technology and its potential, we can deliver even more effective and impactful communications strategies for our clients.