Digital and Content Strategist

Ava Otoadese is a digital and content strategist for One Strategy Group. A Nigerian-American, Ava is a comprehensive writer, narrative storyteller, and researcher with subject matter expertise in public health and Africana topics.

She brings a host of skills to her work with One Strategy Group clients, including short- and long-form copywriting, social media management and content creation, data analysis, digital design, and media analysis. As a communications strategist for social justice and equity-oriented clientele and projects, Ava finds creative and compelling ways to maximize social impact and empower communities.

Passionate about health equity, much of her work has centered systemically marginalized communities, envisioning reform that pursues communal wellness, sustainability, and futurity.

Ava is a graduate of Williams College, where she majored in English and concentrated in both Africana Studies and Public Health. She was born and raised in Iowa City, and is currently based in Chicago.