Senior Associate

Erica Harris serves as a senior associate in operations at One Strategy Group, bringing over two decades of expertise in media relations, marketing, and business management across a range of sectors.

A proud New Yorker, Erica has collaborated with senior executives, media outlets, and high-profile clients to develop and execute impactful communication strategies, campaigns, and events. Erica excels in corporate media relations and marketing, and she has contributed to positive media coverage, brand awareness, business management, and reputation enhancement for leading companies, musical artists, acts, and brands.

Prior to joining One Strategy Group, Erica held pivotal management and support roles in media relations and marketing at distinguished companies such as Viacom, MTV, VH1, Universal Music Group, Sony BMG Music, Samsung, and BCW. As an independent media relations consultant, she has also applied her skills to notable clients in the music and television industry.

Beyond her prowess in media and marketing relations, Erica is a self-published author, editor and content creator. Her passion extends to promoting self-love, healing and a growth-mindset through writing and motivational speaking. Her mission is to ignite the self-love she ardently believes resides within everyone, aspiring to cultivate more happiness, mindfulness, compassion and overall wellness in others.